understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Let Me make just one illustration and that is concerning money supply. I have watched among the students, a few Individuals who make the Call dynamically and earnestly, and ten minutes after, will begin to accept in their feeling world as true, the appearance of their financial limitation. You cannot have results and do that, not in the Quick Full Manner you would like to have.

Of course, as you continue to call, it will beat down human feeling. Stand guard over your feeling, when you have made your Dynamic Application for your money supply; and the moment any slightest feeling of doubt or discord starts, stop it and say: “Stop! Not one thing is going to generate here, to interfere with This Call! My Presence is the Authority and Power in my world! Don’t you attempt to interfere!”

Then, you will govern the feeling within yourself, as sure as “I AM” telling you, and you must do it! Then, after a while, when you make your Application human feeling will not be there to act!”

The Great Divine Director

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