understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Beloved Ones, Oh, rejoice! Do not accept in your world, financial limitation – or limitation of any kind, ill health – or disturbance. This Power of Light anchored within your Hearts is the Power of Life, the Power of the Universe; the Greatest Intelligence which exists.

Its Mighty Energy released in the body, will dissolve and consume, cause and effect, not only in the body, but in the feeling world of the individual; and of every condition which disturbs you or causes pain or distress.

If you realized it, you could stand and raise your hands to the Presence, as if you grasped the Power, the Substance of the Presence and drew It down on the body. You could draw it into your body and all pain and disturbance would be dissolved – which was ever created there, and at once!

You don’t have to wait days and weeks to do it. Today, in the Intelligent Release of the Energy of the Individual by the Power of the Presence, YOU CAN WITH THE HANDS REACH INTO THE SUBSTANCE OF THE PRESENCE AND SWEEP OUT ALL DISCORD IN YOUR BODY OR WORLD.

Try to feel that, and feel the Authority of the Presence which is All-powerful, to charge your world with It and do it now! Then, so quickly feel the Freedom which is yours, the Health and the Joy!

You cannot have Happiness, Dear Hearts, if your body is racked with pain and distress! No one can be happy in that condition!

Suppose we took a body for illustration, which was racked with pain from whatever cause, it does not matter. If the Individual in the midst of pain, would stand and give his or her attention to the Presence and call It into action with dynamic energy, in ten minutes; he or she could sweep the pain out of that body, and make no mistake about it! It is possible, if enough Dynamic Energy is released.

I am determined Individuals shall understand their Authority for Health! their Authority for Happiness! their Authority for the Release, from the Treasure-house of their Presence, of the money supply which they require!

By the Powers of Light, I command that to take place in the feeling world of mankind everywhere; and hold Its Dominion, so Individuals may awaken and be the Glorified beings which the Light that beats their Hearts, entitles them to be!

If people do not love themselves enough, then I Love hem enough; to give an added Assistance which will awaken them into the Full Power, Authority and Glory of their own Beings, their Life, their “Mighty I AM”!

They can call Its Intensified Power into action, so It may purify, cleanse and set their worlds into order – to give them Happiness which comes alone, in Perfect Health and the Acknowledgement of Life which is without limit!

That Happiness is Eternal for each one.”

The Great Divine Director

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