understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“As We have found Ourselves reaching a certain point of safety in America, We have been utilizing some of This Power, released from – let Me call them – the Great American people, because they are! Who on Earth is so great as those, who give forth their Life Energy, so We may utilize It, to bless mankind and the world?

Should Our Experiment succeed, you will see a Transformation in Europe which will be the Greatest Miracle you ever witnessed! We cannot yet tell you the outcome, for We cannot depend upon Europe, as We do upon the students of America, today.

Let Me call your attention to something you might have heard, some of you. Beloved Saint Germain performed This Tremendous Service. When it was planned to send a secret fleet of airplanes with their destructive power at night over America, to spread devastation, He prevented that plan’s success.

Five times, He intercepted the messenger, who tried to carry it out. At last, He compelled their destruction back into the messenger in order to prevent it.

Then, he went to the instigator, who is at the head of a great army – made Himself visible to him – and said to him:  “If you try this again, I will destroy every plane and all that is in them; and then if you persist, I will destroy your entire army, and if you think I cannot do it, try Me out!”

It is what comes from the Activity of the Great Cosmic Light, which on the seventh day of the Shrine Class, made it possible for the viciousness of Individuals to be returned upon their creators!

There is no wrong in doing that! There is no viciousness about it. Get this clear in your minds; because if you don’t, you will find yourselves meeting obstruction!

The World today, is under the pressure of vicious destructive human qualities. All mankind is to some degree responsible for it; but those who have utilized the destructive force, to get the governing power over mankind, to compel the people to be subservient, will find themselves meeting their own creation.

When they are compelled to look upon it, they will see their own destruction.

This is not a matter of My Opinion, your opinion nor anyone’s opinion. It is the Law of Life which is the Law of cause and effect; and when the cause of destructive qualities comes to a certain point of action, the reverse of that action takes place!

Not all human Beings on Earth nor Ourselves, can prevent it; because it is the creation of mankind returned upon its creator.”

The Great Divine Director

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