understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“The rebellion in a few of mankind, when I sanctioned the Group Outline, showed they did not understand the need of the people or the mass of the students. The need of the Protection for America, was the reason.

Do you think, Beloved Ones, I would attempt to influence you; or attempt to govern you, when I know as no other Being does, what your Free Will means?

Therefore, it is with the Greatest Loving-Kindness We present These Laws for mankind’s use. They are here for your Blessing!

There is not one thing of which We talk that is not concerning your Life; Its Law and Its Action. There is nothing mystical! Dismiss every particle of such nonsense!

Your Life, the Life of the Universe of which you are a part, makes It the most practical thing in the whole world and activity of mankind.

There is nothing in the physical world today, which is as practical as This Great Activity of the Law of your own Life; because you are dealing with Vibration and Substance; and every feeling which goes forth from you, is setting a cause into action to produce results for you.

That is why We know this. We went thru the human experience in gaining Our Freedom, the same as you are. Knowing your Requirements, We have so kindly offered Our Assistance;

but if mankind says We do not exist; it is the Messenger’s own activity, which is giving this forth; then you have lost to a large extent, the Blessing of Our Vibratory Action; with which We release you thru your Call, from all limitations.

In My Privilege to assist the number who have been released so far, could you see this moment, the Release from the Inner Standpoint for these Individuals, your Joy would be Boundless forever.

Just because you have not seen some Miraculous Out-picturing thru and from those Individuals, is not the slightest reason to think, It has not been accomplished.

This is why I say to you today, go on, and on, and on, in your Application; not worrying, not being definitely concerned about the results. If you do, you are so apt to fix your attention upon the results, instead of the Power which produces them.

You will see at once it is what mankind has been doing. The people are fixing their attention upon the result out here all the time, instead of Its Power of Release.”

The Great Divine Director

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