understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“That is the point I want to have you understand at this time in the world’s activity; because the outer world is in the most unstable condition which you can possibly imagine. So do not depend upon the stability of your outer world, which is governed largely yet in your commercial activity, by the whims of humankind.

I do not mean, there are not many honest sincere Individuals for there are; but they are in the minority. The great majority of mankind, feeling tremendous pressure, feel justified in using the subterfuge of human means to supply themselves.

Today, I shall acquaint you with the conditions which exist in Europe and the World! Mankind over the entire World is feeling this pressure. With a great number of the people, it is acting as a sense of fear; and their fear comes from their desire for supply.

I plead with you – all of you earnest sincere “I AM” Students, erase that from your feeling world, by the Call to your Presence. Do not let the fear of your supply enter into your feeling world. If you do, you build it up and make it most difficult for Us to give you the Assistance, which will bring you CONSTANT FINANCIAL SUPPLY.

We know quite as well as you do, the need of it today, so long as it is the means of your exchange; but there are perhaps twelve Individuals in the World, today, who have millions at their command, whose fear is the greatest you ever witnessed! It seems incredible; but I tell you it is True; and that is what has brought this tremendous pressure upon mankind; from the financial standpoint and in the industrial world!

They are trying to concentrate and gather all within their own control! I ask you to watch it! All of a sudden, you will find it is like an explosion, and they will find their hold upon mankind forever released!

That is why Beloved Saint Germain has brought forth This “I AM” Activity; and why We are making This Tremendous Effort to assist mankind.

It is to give the people the Conscious Understanding of the Laws which are acting about them; so they may free themselves from this condition of fear and doubt, which bind them to all kinds of destructive feeling.”

The Great Divine Director

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