stanza 6, slokas 5-6

Stanza VI, Slokas 5-6
5. At the fourth, the sons are told to create their images. One third refuses – to obey.
The curse is pronounced; they will be born on the fourth suffer and cause suffering; this is the first war.
6. The older wheels rotated downwards and upwards….The mother’s spawn filled the whole. There were battles fought between the Creators and the Destroyers, and battles fought for space; the seed appearing and re-appearing continuously.



“Mr. B. Keightley:  Question 12, page 202:   In these pages you distinctly state that, even in the higher phases of cosmic evolution, there rages a “struggle for existence”.

Now it is on this struggle for existence, regarded as a universal law, that the materialists base their justification of human selfishness. We would therefore ask:   (a) Where does this “struggle for existence” cease:  (1) in reference to the cosmos;  (2) as regards humanity?   (b) How is it that this cosmic law is suspended by that of altruism in the case of human beings?

Mme. Blavatsky:  The struggle for existence rages universally in sidereal as in terrene spaces. This is the first fundamental law in nature, the visible effects of which materialistic science has called correlation of physical forces in matter.

But this applies only and solely to differentiated matter; it has nothing to do with individual or even personal units, which ought to be, if they are not, guided by the higher laws of the upper triad and not by the instinctual impulses acting on the plane of the lower quarternary.

The struggle for existence begins with the physical molecules and ends with those animals which are quite irrational. This is therefore no justification for human selfishness, as man is an animal on a higher plane of being and consciousness than is the animal. The man is a higher animal and on a higher plane of consciousness than the animal; even the most abject savage is. I answer with regard to physical cosmos; the struggle will come {to an end?} only with the coming of Pralaya.

With respect to its living and conscious beings, however, the [    ] ceases to operate at that human stage where consciousness and reason make their appearance. It is in man alone that the higher divine triad may be fully active, but this triad is trinity in unity, and unity or homogeneity characterizes the plane of its action.

In the four lower planes of cosmos, on the contrary, it is the law of diversity and heterogeneity which reign supreme. Hence those beings who are endowed with the higher triad come under its laws, not under those of the lower quaternary, which act only upon those beings, atoms or things in which rationality is still an underdeveloped potentiality.

Therefore, since true law of being is unity, the higher self in him, it follows that the individual human being can only attain his complete and perfect development by acting in perfect unity, that is to say harmony, with all other men. 

Now (b). The struggle for existence which exists today among men proves only that firstly, man has not yet fully emerged from his savage animal condition, his Manas not yet fully developed in this our Fourth Round, for it will be only in the fifth; and secondly, that the great men of learning who proclaim selfishness as the great law of human life are, their learning and intellect notwithstanding, not on a much higher plane themselves.

In other words, these learned gentlemen are still animals. Whoever wants to go and tell them, let them. What have you got to say? Are you going to take up the defense of the men of learning – of the F.R.S.’s (Fellows of the Royal Society, England’s oldest scientific body) and so on?”

H. P. Blavatsky

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