understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“In all you hold dear for your Loved Ones, for America and the Glory of all which is yet to follow, you will find Its Infinite Power of Action ever increasing; intensifying and spreading everywhere into the World to do Its Perfect Work.

Here is an illustration which will possibly help you to feel more clearly, the Glory of that which is not only the Activity in your Call from the Presence, but the Assistance We give.

Suppose before you, who are sitting here today, there were a Great Light like a Great Sun; and from It came Streams of Light and Energy to each one of you.

This is actually what is taking place! It means that in cooperation with your Call to your Presence and the Cosmic Beings, those Great Beings of Light, are constantly giving you Assistance of which the outer does not even dream!  As you become aware of This and begin to feel It earnestly within your Being, Oh how Great will be the Change:  first, in your feeling world and then in the outer activity.


When you begin to see – shall We call it, the Natural Harmonizing Activity of your world of action, all that goes forth is a Radiation from your Presence; amplified many times by the Ascended Ones and producing this condition of Harmony which is required first; because without it Beloved Ones, you cannot have the Full Blessing and Benefit which is being released.

One thing may explain to some of you the Inner Activities. As you are calling forth This Great Light, This Great Substance, Intelligence or Energy; It is Light-Substance which you are really calling forth! It comes into your world of action, It brings a release into your world, which the human cannot possibly comprehend at this time.

As you become more acquainted with the Presence, know that to still yourself, is the means of letting Its Power come forth. Then Its very Vibratory Action, as It flows out into your world, will quiet and harmonize your Entire Being still more.”

The Great Divine Director

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