understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Today, Beloved Ones, sixty percent of the Victory of the Light has already been attained and We hope to make it much more here. By the time We have reached New York, We hope for an achievement which will lift every “I AM” Student in America and the World into the Glory of their Eternal Victory.

It does not only mean your Individual Freedom; but the accumulation of mankind of the centuries, must be dissolved and consumed completely, for whatever is to be done in the future.

Without this consuming, mankind is constantly interfered with, interrupted at the most vital moments. Then, disappointment besets Individuals, sometimes delaying the Expansion of their Light indefinitely.

So today, We want you to become so anchored that not a single thing in the appearance world, will interrupt nor interfere with all which is to be done individually and for America. I quite realize, sometimes, even among the students, Individuals wonder why We keep stressing the need of America.

Well Dear Ones, if America is not protected, you will have no place to call your home. Do you not see how important this is? Suppose something destroyed your physical home and you were unable to prevent it, temporarily you would be housed somewhere, would you not? So it is in America today.

America is the last spot on Earth where Our Perfection can come forth. It is vital for all the Students to realize this; because it will enable them to release the Power for the Protection of America.

Then, as their own Individual Life Streams become cleansed, purified and set into Divine Order; in the Perfection, in Action, which the Presence is and holds for them, they will find the Glory of Its Dominion sustained!”

The Great Divine Director

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