understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Beloved Students, in all that is being accomplished and yet to be done, We thank you with the power of Light for your assistance; your stand with the Light to make the Call which humanity needs. I know it is not easy for you to realize, not seeing from the Inner Activity of the Law, just all required and the need of your great assistance.

We, from the Octaves of Light and Freedom, long so much when the opportunity is so great, to release mankind from all human accumulation and all which has bound them.\

As many of you have come to know, it has been My Great Privilege to assist many many students, in dissolving and consuming the last particle of their own human accumulation. Do you realize, beloved Ones, just what THAT means?

When Beloved Saint Germain has told you repeatedly, the pressure of your own human creation – before any of it was dissolved – was ten times that of the atmospheric pressure of Earth; then you must understand, what it means to be released from such pressure of your own human creation.

You have often felt in your outer general experience, sometimes a buoyancy and Lightness; then again a tremendous pressure as though you were being dragged down.

It is because in the moments of the feeling of Lightness in your feeling world, not thru your attention, but thru your feeling, a Radiance has come, a Release of which you are outwardly unaware. Yet it is sufficient to really lift you or momentarily repel, your own human creation and its pressure.

Today, I rejoice during this Class, for many many of you here, it will be My Privilege to dissolve and consume the remainder of your own human creation! I know quite well how earnestly many many of you have been working and making That Call. Will you try to feel with Me just for a few moments, how vital and important your Call is!

The mass of mankind does not understand. The people are unable to make the Call, because until one knows This Great Presence of All Life, the “Mighty I AM”, the Power in your Calls is but slight; in comparison to what It means, when you know your Source of Life, the “Mighty I AM”.

The Great Divine Director

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