understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Do you realize, Beloved Ones, there is being rendered for you the same Identical Service, a part of it, which was rendered Rex, Bob, Nada and Pearl?

They were brought to Us; We are brought to you, to render This Service, because of the conditions which exist and the need of the World. There is no time and in other ways, you are not prepared to come to Us, as they did in India and in the Royal Teton or the Cave of Symbols. Therefore, we must come and give you the Assistance.

We never could have done it in the world, if you had not been made acquainted with your “I AM Presence”; and been making These Earnest Determined Calls for your Freedom and Perfection.

Do you see now, you are beginning to comply with the Law of your Life and return to It, something of what It has given you? I urge you today; do not mind, if We keep repeating these things, because it is so necessary.

Charge, keep charging, yourselves with the Perfection of your Presence; with Self-Control, with Discrimination and all the various qualities, you wish to have brought forth. Stand unyielding, because there is never one of your Calls which can fail. I want you to realize that.

Let me show you how impossible it is, for any Call to fail. If you made an Earnest Sincere Call to your Presence for anything, and you, for an unexpected reason, became voluntarily disturbed, the energy for the Fulfillment could not come forth. It would wait there and when you became Harmonious enough again, It would come thru and do Its Work.

It is the Law of Life and is why the Messengers have said to you, when you call your Presence into action, it is an Eternally Sustained Activity. It is an Eternally Sustained Achievement and you do not have to repeat it and repeat it.

When you call your Presence into action and the Result is produced, It is there and nothing has to be repeated. It is why everything in the Application of your Presence is a Permanent Accomplishment.

We want you to feel this, for in the Glory of your Life, the Stream of Energy which gives you Life, is all the Power and Intelligence there is anywhere in the World, so far as your individual world is concerned. It is the only part you can contact.

You cannot go anywhere outside your own world, Dear Hearts, it is impossible! You touch the world of others, but that does not belong to you! The only thing is the Perfecting of your own self and your world; and when you do It, you will find all around you changing too.”

The Great Divine Director

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