understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Beloved Students and Friends, while I know quite well you are not looking for it, yet shall I give you outwardly, some Reward for your great Love and kindness; which has made it possible in this Class, to do for you, your city and America that which is far beyond anything, We had expected to accomplish.

The human creation has been completely dissolved and consumed, for three hundred seventy-three people who have been in this Class. We could scarcely have hoped for such an Achievement. We feel it quite unnecessary to enumerate those Individuals; but I am sure within a few days, many will know definitely.

In the limited human concepts, I realize it is not easy for you to comprehend, what your Beloved Saint Germain has accomplished in Europe. This is the point I wish every one of you, to know definitely: You have been a part of That Accomplishment by the Harmony, the Love and Kindness which you have released here.

Do you clearly and fully understand yet, the Release of your energy thru the atomic structure of your body, is imperative in Our need today? We must have a contact thru the physical substance of Earth.

We have left this octave and it is mankind who has created these conditions. Individuals must of their own volition release energy thru the human structure; which makes it possible for Us to give the Assistance mankind needs. It would be impossible, and I say so frankly, for people of their own volition, without Our Assistance to protect themselves in America today.

I think you do not comprehend Beloved Saint Germain’s Reference to what He did in Europe. It should have conveyed to you the need of Our Assistance! The Law of Life is such, We may not intrude Ourselves upon you; much as We have always wished to give Assistance.

There are enough in America understanding, the Presence – and each day the Understanding is growing clearer, for the students everywhere to know the necessity of releasing This Energy.

Why do you suppose We urged, and urged, the use of these Decrees? Because We found it the only and possibly the best manner of getting you to release the energy, which We require! We amplify the energy required, to perform This Service of Protection for you and America.

I think you more clearly than ever before understand it. You have had the proof in your own experience here, of what it means to step up your Decrees and your singing to a certain tempo, which gives a joyous Release of the energy.

Do you realize there is a Balance in every activity of Life? Your scales for weighing the precious metals are a very good example. When the Scale of Life stands at Balance, all the Forces of your Being are working Harmoniously and to the Greatest Constructive Purpose; but if one side is at a low ebb, then you are not working to the best advantage.

When your Decrees and songs lag in tempo, it means you are not coming up to the point, where you are releasing this Energy which We require. I am very happy to make this clear to you.”

The Great Divine Director

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