understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“While I am talking to you, the Great Goddess of Liberty is doing Her Great Work in your feeling world. The day you come to know what that means, you will truly rejoice. I may not explain It to you tonight, there is not time; but one day, you will all know what that has meant.

I say to you, and especially those of the Students who understand something of This “I AM Activity”:

“As you have heard One after Another of These Great Cosmic Beings come forth, to the assistance of mankind now – because the Great Cosmic Light demands it, you can have Their Courage, Their Strength, Their Consciousness, the Ascended Masters’ Consciousness – to assist you to your Victory, if you will! Give your attention, first to your own God Presence, then to some one of the Ascended Beings and say: ‘Great Beings of Light, I need Your Assistance! I need Your Courage and Strength, until I am strong enough to stand on my own two feet; and in My Call to my Presence, hold my Scepter of Power and Dominion sustained.’ That is what every one will reach one day.”

I urge you to realize, it is not necessary to wait years, in order to have This Great Victory. You can have It now, if you will but allow Us to help you; if you will follow the Simple Explanations We give, but if Individuals will not do this, then We cannot help them. There is no question about that!

We know the Law! We live It! We are The Law! We know how to tell you what to do and how to do it! We can tell you the exact results, if you will follow Our Directions; but We cannot tell what the human of an Individual is going to do. Not even the Individual himself or herself knows.

Oh look yourself straight in the face! If necessary go to your mirror and look at your image there and say to it:  “Now you have had your dominion for the last time!  Henceforth, my ‘Mighty I AM Presence’ takes command of this body and directs and governs it! In the future, you be silent”,


and you will have the Greatest Release imaginable.”

The Great Divine Director

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