understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Some of you have had three years of Instruction, Beloved Ones, your opportunity is not going to last much longer, if you continue to allow your feeling to govern your world.

The Imperative Demand of your life – not someone saying so, but the Demand of your Life today, is continued Harmony in your feeling. If you do not do it, you are going to pay the penalty.

You Dear People, who have been in This Activity for three years and won’t do that, don’t blame somebody else. Blame yourself! Look at yourself and see what is wrong. Do not be blaming the other person all the time for something!

I am determined, with your permission, to break down and cut you Free, from this fiendish thing, of continuing to allow your feeling to do these things! I am not criticizing you, but I am firm and determined, if you will allow Me to help you cut yourselves Free from this condition.

Do not yield to these things! I want you to be Free and have the Great Blessing which This Understanding of the Presence brings; and your Instantaneous Answer to your Application!

You cannot have it, Dear People, unless you do harmonize your feeling.

There are some blessed people for whom the Messengers have worked and worked and tried to help;  and they keep asking them for more help, but they won’t control their feeling.

I say again, do not keep looking at the other person’s faults, but look at yours and see what is the matter with you! That is what counts, Dear People.

There is not a thing the matter, except what is the matter with yourself! Just get that! and hold it forever!

Then you will thank Me for the day when you shake My Hand, for being firm enough, to give you the Strength and Power to control this thing forever!

Oh, We love you so greatly and We know how close some of you are to your Freedom; but you cannot go on if you are going to allow your feeling of irritation and criticism of those you claim to love, to longer control you. You cannot do it! There is no use kidding yourselves.

You will notice, I use your own expressions, because I want you to understand what I mean. I want you to know, We are using the language which you understand, even if We do use slang. We are doing it, because you understand and know what the feeling and meaning of it is.

If you want to criticize Us, all right; but you are going to hear and comprehend in the language which you do understand!

Look at yourselves, every one of you;  and do not ever say your friend was the cause of the disturbance within you!  Take that – every one, tonight, unto yourself!

Look at yourself in the face and say:  “Here, what is there in me I can correct, which makes me a more Perfect person?”

Then you will find the remedy, correct those habits and be happy. You will know such Happiness, as you never can know otherwise!”

The Great Divine Director

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