understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Tonight, I want you to fix in your mind, whatever power you use, and the Intelligence you have used for any achievement in your human activity, came thru That Stream of Light from your own God Presence and anchored within your Heart! It gave Action to the body and Life to these human forms. Without That Stream of Light, you do not have action of the form.

Until mankind understands this and finds the “I AM Presence” and Power, to which it can anchor the attention and hold it anchored, there is no way or means to release Greater Power of Energy than people are experiencing today.

Steadily and surely have they drawn themselves into the density and limitations which they are experiencing today, and by their own volition. No one asked them to do it, but they kept saying:Ā  “This is the authority, and this is the authority”, meaning the outer intellect, and in that they made their great mistake.

Dear People, you think your intellect is the knower, the doer. Where is it, when the body lies helpless? The brain is still there, but it does not act! Let us look at these things practically, so you can have Our Assistance which you need.

The brain no longer acts. Then the Power and Intelligence which acted thru the brain came thru That Stream of Light and Energy.


Tonight, try to feel in all the previous understanding you have had, from every source of metaphysics, you were taught to govern your thought. It is but a fragment of the cause of conditions in comparison to your feeling!

Your feeling is your Power-House, and unless you know how to govern it, you are lost! You cannot govern your thought – and no human Being ever did – without governing your feeling; because your feeling will flash before your thought has a chance to act. Think it over and see!

Otherwise, why would Individuals suddenly without provocation, feel the blood surge thru the body in a fit of anger, until it looks like the veins would burst? It acts the opposite thru fear. The circulation recedes and almost stops, because fear is congestion.

Do you wonder why sometimes your body suddenly is charged with pain and distress?


Because some fear has seized you, it congests your circulation and makes it almost unable to act; while with intense anger, the feeling released, charges your circulation forth with such force and power, that you think your veins will burst.

Let us look at these things sensibly and practically. This Understanding of Life, is the most practical thing on the face of This Earth. If mankind once understands It, the people will see they have a Scepter of Power and Application to apply in their Lives and nothing can resist It.”

The Great Divine Director

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