understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Think of those Precious Children – Bob, Rex, Nada and Pearl, whom Beloved Saint Germain brought to Me in India at Chananda’s Home! There in the Cave of Blazing Light, they were set Free forever! Today, think of it, Beloved Ones! Those Children made that long journey there physically. Today, I have come to you.

Does It mean anything to you? It might sound like a childish question; but I say it for a Reason, even to the former students. “Does that mean anything to you?” Everything in the world, Precious Ones!

Try to follow Me, just a few moments, in feeling what the Power and Release of Our Power of Divine Love means in your world!

While the Messenger is repeating My Words to you, I stand here connecting Myself with your Heart, every one of you. Will you notice I do not ask your permission.

Then I am enabled to render you a Service which the outer could not possibly comprehend at the moment; but THAT, which I do for you will continue forever; until you, thru your own Call to the Presence, set yourselves Free.

Dear Ones, please use the Terminology which We have given you. The Words, “I AM”, as written in English today, have come down from the Beginning of mankind’s appearance upon the Earth.

In the Royal Teton – on your map, known as the Grand Teton, there are the Records of these civilizations – every one which has ever been on Earth. In every language which was used during those many civilizations – the Words, “I AM” as written in English today are there; showing Those Two Words are the Power of God.

Mankind needs to learn to use Those Words, as We do. In any crisis, if the Individual did not think of anything else just for a moment, and would say: “I AM”, “I AM”, “I AM”, it would release the Powers of the Presence into action! Ofttimes it would perform a so-called Miracle for him or her, then and there!

That is the Power of those Two Words; and there are no two words in the vocabulary of human experience, which release the Power Those Two Words do.

The Words, “God”, “Divine Mind”, “Divinity” and all other Terminology used to express the Godhead, do not contain the Power the Words “I AM” do.

That is the Reason why Beloved Saint Germain has brought This Use of the “I AM” forth to mankind at this time. It is the Power which sets the people Free! Why? Because It is their own Life!

Your “Mighty I AM Presence”, your Individualized Presence of God which beats your Heart, is your Life; and your Life contains everything which is for your Perfection.

Beloved Ones, in That Stream of Light and Energy from your Presence, is everything required for the Perfection of you and your world and It is without limit! Only as you have felt limitation from the appearance world, have you limited yourselves!  It is not the Presence who has limited you.

Today, you are in a position in This Understanding of your Presence, to set yourselves Free in a comparatively short time.”

The Great Divine Director

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