understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Sometimes people think they can say a word, a sentence of falsehood; and they know it is false when they say it. Yet that impulse comes on and acts; and then destruction starts and it gathers. Homes, happiness and sometimes whole embodiments are destroyed – by a thoughtless, cruel, unkind word.

We see! We have to see! all of such unhappiness acting within mankind!

Today when the opportunity is so great and Complete Understanding is before you, in how to govern these things – why they produce certain effects and limitations upon mankind – won’t you join Us; every one of you, in stopping instantly every attempt at gossip?

Oh, it is the most frightful thing in the activity of mankind! We know of one instance now, where the greatest injustice is being done; and those who have started it, will weep in sorrow for the mistake.

I prompt you, We want you to be Free, but you cannot do it, Precious Ones of the Light, as long as you allow these qualities to act in your feeling world, and give expression to them. There is no provocation for these things!

It is only because the old destructive momentum generated by mankind, is acting in the atmosphere of Earth; and people, who do not know how to protect themselves, take it on.

It is like one impulse after another, forming a momentum! The moment people get too much gin, they begin to talk! If they get a little excited, they begin to talk! If they become a little angered, they begin to talk. That is the human impulse of the destructive qualities within the human Being.

It is why under the old order, the students who went to the Retreat, were held in Absolute Silence for from three to five years! They never were allowed to speak a word! That taught one obedience!

You today, are being taught by the experience of the outer world.

The Light is before you! Use it, Dear Ones, and have the Blessing and the Freedom which It brings! Remember, you are the Chooser, the Decreer how this energy is going to act in your world!

Don’t make any mistake about it. If you insist on allowing discord to act within your feeling world, falsehood and gossip; then you will reap those qualities and it is a most unhappy reaping.

So today, in My Calling your attention to the Achievement which has been attained; whose Blessing We are so happy to have given to the Students of the “I AM” throughout the World; and in the prepared atmosphere today, I have taken the opportunity to prompt you again;  not to do the things which bring destruction into your world.

I thank you very much.”

The Great Divine Director

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