understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Don’t yield to appearances, Beloved Ones! They have no power, except what you give them; and as you come to realize and feel the Fullness of the Authority and Power which is yours; you will find not a single thing stands in your way; not a single delay will come in your application, for the Results that you require.

If it is some emergency, then the Greater Release of the Power will go in action, to fulfill the Requirement of the emergency.

Do you know with the Presence there are no emergencies; because your Higher Mental Body knows far ahead; and as you become still and call to the Presence. you will come to know these things ahead; just the same as your Higher Mental Body does.

It is not that you cannot know them; but because of the density of the vibratory action of the structure of your brain and body; they do not record the finer vibrations, which would reveal to you these things, you would so often like to know.

This is the practical manner of governing your world, and that is what Attainment means! It is what being still in the outer world means.

Your human vibratory action must be still, if you want to have clear definite results, in your call to the Presence.”

The Great Divine Director

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