understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I am endeavoring in Many Ways to hold your consciousness into Our Mighty Reality, which takes from you all doubts, all fears and the humans sense of limitation. They do not belong there! They are not yours!

It is all just an accretion, and when you call your Presence into action to dissolve all of it, and replace it by the acceptance of all the Glories there are; you too, will feel more the Import of why I am calling your attention to these things tonight!

There are fifty people in this room, who could say to any destructive force – STOP! and it would be compelled to stop!  Remember – the Light of Your Presence which gives you Life, can assert the Activity of the Sword of Blue Flame!

With the number of Individuals whom I have mentioned, It could be called into action thru the Power of Divine Love and used in Divine Love.

Tonight, how My Heart rejoices in your very kind attention, so much is done. Beloved Ones, Great is Our Rejoicing. Will you please enter into This Rejoicing with Us, in the Achievement here?

Remember, as in the Activity with the Children in India, so tonight, you are a Part of My Love and Light! FEEL IT as deeply as you can! Let Our Light do Its Perfect Work in, and thru you, and out into your world!

I earnestly ask you no longer to give power to appearances, which cannot have it, so far as your world is concerned; unless you feed your Life Stream into them by your attention.

Remember, that is so important! Nothing of a destructive nature can touch you or your world, except thru your attention, you feed your Life into it. Try to feel This Truth with Great Loving Firmness.

Then, remind yourselves NO LONGER shall your attention be focused upon limiting, destructive or disturbing things; or your Life be fed into them, to add to the world’s unhappiness.

If you have a feeling of unkindness within you to someone else, then you are by your attention, feeding your Life Stream possibly to harm the other, as well as limit yourself.

Do you see, Precious Ones, how there is always a double activity in discord?  If you feel unkindly to another, you are adding to the burden of that Individual and limiting yourself.

I am so grateful you understand this clearly now, and will keep yourselves reminded, when the temptation comes to have an unkind or discordant feeling, simply say:   “Oh no, too long this has been, but no longer! I shall stand in Loving Kindness to all and in the Light of my ‘I AM Presence’;  so Its Great Self-Luminous Intelligent Substance, may flood my world and produce everything I require.””

The Great Divine Director

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