stanza 6, sloka 4

Stanza VI
4. He builds them in the likeness of older wheels, placing them on the Imperishable Centres.
How does Fohat build them? He collects the fiery dust. He makes balls of fire, runs through them, and round them, infusing life thereinto, then sets them into motion; some one way, some the other way. They are cold, he makes them hot. They are dry, he makes them moist. They shine, he fans and cools them. Thus acts Fohat from one twilight to the other, during Seven Eternities.”


“Mr. Hall:  Then the Moon is cataleptic?

Mme. Blavatsky:  It is something like that. It is very wicked.

Mr. _____:   Is that a sort of reactory effect it has?

Mme. Blavatsky:  See what an effect it has on vegetation. It has an enormous effect. There is not a plant, not a body in heaven that exchanges so much, or interchanges effects so much as the Moon and the Earth. There are not two such planets. It is always interchanging, that is going on, and there the Laya point won’t prevent it; it is quite a different thing. This is a most occult thing.

Mr. _____:  But the Earth in the end has greater power over the Moon than the Moon over the Earth.

Mme. Blavatsky:  Certainly, because the Earth is a moving thing, and the Moon is a dead one, or is dying – it is in a cataleptic condition.

Mr. _____:  Does that apply to other planets, as well?

Mme. Blavatsky:  Just the same. As above, so below, at least on the same plane to everything visible – stars and suns, and fixed stars and planets and everything.

Mr. Old:  I might just mention that with respect to that vampirizing influence that the Moon has upon the Earth, it is strange that just those principles, or rather those elements, which it lacks, it most powerfully attracts from the Earth, for instance, the atmosphere and water. It has plenty of dense matter, of course, but has little influence upon the dense objects of this Earth, far less than the solar influence.

But upon the water and upon all fluids in the human system, it is known to have a most powerful effect; and hence the determination of the fluids, the humors to the head in the case of lunatics, and in the case of those who are moonstruck.

Mme. Blavatsky:  But it is a most extraordinary thing in the occult science. I have been putting the question several times to the Masters, I have asked: “How is it possible, if these meteors cannot pass or anything, how is it that the influences pass the Laya point?”

They say it is quite a different thing. The conditions are given by the radiation of the moonlight, which shows to you that it passes with its seventh principle, and not with the first – not with the bodily elements of the principles, but with the seventh, you understand.

Mr. B. Keightley:  And therefore passes through the Laya point in the same order.

Mr. Gardner:  Then its first principles do pass through it eventually?

Mr. B. Keightley:  No, no. The influence passes, not the matter; you may call it matter, in the same sense that everything is matter.

Mr. Kingsland:  In the same sense that one magnet affects another, there is nothing {that} passes between them materially.

Mme. Blavatsky:  You can put between two magnets a dead wall, a glass wall for instance, an iron wall, and yet it will pass. Put any wall you like it will pass,and it does not prevent it.”

H. P. Blavatsky

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