stanza 6, sloka 4

Stanza VI
4. He builds them in the likeness of older wheels, placing them on the Imperishable Centres.
How does Fohat build them? He collects the fiery dust. He makes balls of fire, runs through them, and round them, infusing life thereinto, then sets them into motion; some one way, some the other way. They are cold, he makes them hot. They are dry, he makes them moist. They shine, he fans and cools them. Thus acts Fohat from one twilight to the other, during Seven Eternities.”



“Mr. B. Keightley:  Page 143 {142}, line 7 of The Secret Doctrine, you say:  “Neither Water, Air, Earth (Synonym for solids generally) existed on their present form, representing the three states of matter alone recognized by Science; for all these are the productions already recombined by the atmospheres of globes completely formed – even to fire – so that in the first periods of the Earth’s formation they were something quite sui generis.

Now that the conditions and laws ruling our solar system are fully developed; and that the atmospheres of our Earth, as of every other globe, has become, so to say, a crucible of its own, occult science teaches that there is a perpetual exchange taking place in space of molecules, or of atoms rather, correlating, and thus changing their combining equivalents on every planet.”

Question 1 (a):  This long sentence requires further elucidation. What, for instance, must we understand by “the production already combined?” How recombined? How do the atmospheres of globes effect this recombination? Why “even to fire?” In what aspect are they sui generis in the first periods of the Earth’s formation?

Mme. Blavatsky:  Why do you ask such long questions? Can’t you put them like that – you know, A, B, C, D – as you used to do before?

Mr. B. Keightley:  Because it is really all referring to the same subject.

Mme. Blavatsky:  I will answer about the productions. The productions referred to are the differentiations of the primordial elements, water, air, fire, matter or earth, etcetera, which have all been very naturally combined in new forms in the atmosphere of the many globes they came in contact with – globes certainly anterior to our Earth by long eons of time. That is how they were recombined.

How recombined, you ask? By the special crucible of each particular globe, recombined by heat, of course, by the internal fire latent in every form of every element, whether on this or the highest plane.

Fire is spirit, the soul of things, whether in the form of Fohat or electricity or that magneto vital force which makes the plant grow.

The term atmosphere in occultism does not mean the air we breathe; it applies to that Fohatic radiaton or aura, which extends far beyond the limits of respirable air. This atmosphere is almost homogeneous, being the purest ether, or the seventh principle of that which on our Earth is the first or lowest principle, namely, breathable air. Well?”

H. P. Blavatsky

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