understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Beloved Ones, what a Very Wonderful Thing it is to give Us your attention. Do you know, while you are sitting here, you are no more a part of the outer world of mankind, than if you had never lived in it? You are living these two hours in the World of the Ascended Masters. Can you not feel It? Can you not retain it?

You can, even though you move about in your daily activities in the outer world, still can you retain the feeling of these two hours or more.

So long, as the human conditions exist in the physical world as certain limitations, from which only the Ascension can free you, We must wait!


Oh, how many times, We would love to gather those Certain Individuals together and give This Assistance. It can only be done occasionally. Will each one of you hold the Memory of This Sacred within your Hearts always, for it is greatly to be cherished?

Do not be disturbed by the appearance world. Human Beings come and go, but the Law goes on forever; and We thank you for your noble efforts very much.

Beloved Ones, do you not see how in every single effort to bring Enlightenment to another, you retain a Great Blessing within yourselves?

How can human Beings go on, when they have touched the Light of their Presence, as some in your beloved city are doing, thinking they are deceiving others? How can they practice deception and go on thinking it is not known? How can Students of the “I AM” do this thing, yet there are those in your city who think they are deceiving others.

Tonight, I want to prompt you on those things, so you no longer accept them. Remember, human appearances are but the shifting sands of the desert. They have no power, but to confuse the one who accepts human reports!

Don’t do it, Dear Ones! Anything which speaks of less than the Perfection of the Presence, you don’t want! Therefore, cast it out of your world! It does not belong there! Then, go on in the Great Joy of your Presence.”

The Great Divine Director

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