understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Why have I asked the students everywhere, to lay aside everything which they have known before; and enter into the Freedom and the Glory of the Books which Beloved Saint Germain has brought forth? Because They are the Greatest Power, the Clearest Understanding which has ever come forth to mankind.

Those Books bring the Pure Love, Power and Mighty Application which allow the Individual to go forward; and give This Freedom and Assistance to his fellow-man, America and the World.

Unless people will understand The Law, take It up and live It, they will but delay the Incoming Perfection which would enter in and set all mankind Free.

You have not so many years, to enter into the Final Decision!

I am charging your city, you, and the “I AM” Students of America tonight, while I speak to you, with Courage and Power. IF YOU WILL ALLOW IT TO ACT, IT WILL MAKE YOU FEARLESS AND DAUNTLESS IN YOUR STAND WITH THE PRESENCE;

not only in the Accomplishment of your Individual activities; but in calling forth This Power of the “Mighty I AM Presence”, which will do the Work that is required for the Freedom and Blessing of all mankind.

Why do I wish to establish a Center here and in New York? Why do We wish to establish a Certain Definite Center of Activity at certain points in the United States?

Because a Great Pillar of Light can be drawn, which will pour out Its Radiance and will one day become the Unfed Flame! That Flame will pour forth Its Radiance for hundreds of miles; and enable mankind to enter into the Glory and Freedom which is each one’s Birthright; although so many have wholly forgotten That Birthright!

Tonight, Beloved Ones, I speak to you as One in your midst; One who love humanity; One who is offering every Assistance the Law of the human octave will permit; and ever increases That Assistance, as the Cosmic Light permits It to act for your Freedom and quickly.

We are asking the Co-operation of you Beloved Ones in the human octave, to make This Call, so We may amplify It to do This Work required.

There is no other permanent means in the World. All other means have been tried and everything has failed; because mankind did not know the “Mighty I AM Presence” – which is the ONLY SUSTAINING POWER there is.

Once people really understand That Presence, they will know Its Call set into action, makes a Permanently Sustained Activity; which will continue, until all required is accomplished for mankind.

We see and feel a Quality among you, which can become a Wondrous Power for the Light. Will you all, every one of you, remember to keep yourelves harmonized; so Great Power may flow thru, to do for you, your city and nation, what is required?

To the degree you get out of harmony, are you responsible for the failure, if it comes. Remember, it is Your Responsibility.”

The Great Divine Director

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