understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Little does mankind yet understand, even in two and a half years, of what Mighty Invisible Power and Activity is suddenly being used for Blessing and Benefit. Yet all of your Powers of any great consequence which you use in your outer world, are from the Invisible.

Why not ACCEPT FULLY within your feeling world, the Great Ascended Masters, the Great Cosmic Beings, Who are far more Real than you, and are operating with Limitless Power?

Then you will say to Me:Ā  “Why do They allow mankind to get in this condition?”

My Dear Ones, the Great Ones have nothing to do about it. You are responsible for the condition you are in. The Great Host of Ascended Masters have nothing to do with it, nor have the Cosmic Beings; but you, in the fact that you had forgotten your own God Presence, the “Mighty I AM”, have grown into more and more dense vibratory action;

which makes you less responsive, your brain, less responsive to the Higher Vibrations which the Ascended Masters give forth!

Therefore, you, mankind everywhere is responsible for the limitations of Earth. God has nothing to do with it! Neither do the Ascended Masters, the Legions of Light or the Cosmic Beings!

Today, mankind is learning the Responsibility is on the Individual and in the Great Mercy of the Great Cosmic Light, there has come to you the Solution, the Power, the Intelligence and the Knowledge; by which you can call It into action to dissolve the accumulation utterly; and free yourselves from your own creations.

The whole mass of mankind, can be set Free thru your Call and the Mighty Decrees given; calling the Great Powers of the “Mighty I AM Presence” into action, in the mental and feeling world of mankind.

It is the Power of the Universe – make no mistake about It!”

The Great Divine Director

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