understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I rejoice with you in the Love which you pour out to these Blessed Messengers. Only in time to come, will you realize how blessed they are; and to think, Oh Beloved Ones, there have been those among the children of Earth, who were strong enough to stand against the impact of human destructive creation; and carry forth a Light in the World, then some of mankind hate them.

It is only the ignorance of mankind which hates them, thru the lack of Understanding. One day, even those who have hated so greatly, will love as greatly as they have hated.

Do you know, It is a Great Truth; that one must have loved very greatly, to have hated so intensely?  It is only a force acting thru human creation. It is not a Reality; but the Love of your Presence which is Life, and is Self-Luminous Intelligent Substance, is Real.

Compare for a moment the creation of mankind which in your expression is known as hate and its opposite, which is the Heart of God, your “Beloved Mighty I AM Presence”, or Divine Love.

Let us compare the two. This of human creation has no power, while that of Divine Love is the Power of the Universe at your service.

Do you not see in any kindness of feeling, any goodwill to all, in calling CONSCIOUSLY the Love of your Presence to bless all, you are then acting on the side of Infinite Power; but to become irritated, means you are acting on the side of human creations, which has no power.

As you understand that, you will see the futility of allowing human feeling to longer govern your world; for when human creation is pushed aside, and told it has no power to longer act in your world or affect you, then the Infinite Power says:  “Thank you! Now I am ready to act at your Invitation with Infinite Power.”


The Great Divine Director

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