understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Beloved Ones, It is so difficult to realize, that We are Wholly Free Beings wielding Infinite Power, today coming to render Assistance to the Children of Earth? Is it so difficult to feel It? Is it so difficult to accept the Infinite Power of Love and Freedom which We offer? Is it so difficult in the Acknowledgment of the Presence, to maintain Self-control?

It means Harmony in your world, which allows these Great Currents of Energy, not only from your Presence, but those Great Cosmic Currents to go forth with Their added Strength and Power – to strengthen and encourage you to keep on with your Call to the Presence; until every particle of resistance in your feeling world has failed to find power of action; and is dissolved by your attention held to your Presence – the Power and Presence of all Light!

Sufficient human creation has been dissolved for you in your feeling world, to let you have your Mastery quickly from today. Will you not understand, feel, believe and accept these – My Words to you?

I say to you, in this ten days, sufficient has been dissolved in the world of every one of you, to let you go Free in the Full Power of your Application and Freedom from today on. Now then, when you accept that, and allow Its Power to act, with your earnest, firm, sincere Application – you will find things in your world all reversed.

Do not yield longer to the appearance world as having power. When I say to you, sufficient accumulation has been dissolved from your world, to give you the Strength and Power needed, to go forward from this day, Free Beings, will you refuse to accept it again?

It is done, if you will turn away from everything which has disturbed you; and keep holding your attention to your Presence – not all day; but three times a day for thirty minutes, will enable you to hold your Dominion and Freedom.

Will you not accept this and have the Joy and Freedom which is here for you? Just feel Our Freedom now! This is not suggestion to you, It is simply calling your attention to that which has been accomplished for you; so you may feel more fully Its Reality; until you see SUFFICIENT OUTWARD MANIFESTATION in your Life and world, for you to know definitely the Truth of which I speak to you this moment.”

The Great Divine Director

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