stanza 5, sloka 6

Stanza V
6. The Lipika circumscribe the triangle, the first one, the cube, the second one, and the pentacle within the egg. It is the ring called “Pass Not” for those who descend and ascend. Also for those who during the Kalpa are progressing towards the great day “Be With Us”. Thus were formed the Rupa and the Arupa: from one Light seven Lights; form each of the seven, seven times seven Lights. The wheels watch the ring….



“Mr. A. Keightley:  Stanza 5, Sloka 6, Commentary.  Question 1.  How do the “Recorders of the Karmic ledger” make an impassible barrier between the Personal Ego and the Impersonal Self?

Mme. Blavatsky:  Now, it seems to me it is very easy to understand that. I think that whoever understands the real nature of Nirvana, or even of the Christian Kingdom of Heaven, where it is said no one marries or is given in marriage, etc., ought to see very well what is the meaning of it. Because, what is Rupa? What is “Personal”?


It is always something objective or material, and how can it then pass there beyond the point where everything is formless and Arupa? I think it is not given in symbolical language, but quite plainly.

Now, I ask you:   who is it that goes into the state of Devachan? Is it spirit, spirit-soul, or the monad loaded with spiritual consciousness and intelligence, or is it the lower principles of the personal man? Which is it that goes? You know perfectly well that the “Personal” was the Kama-loka, therefore they cannot go even on this plane. The principles remain to fade out in time and Kama-loka.

The Lipika is said to circumscribe within the egg – which is the magnetic aura or {of} manifested kosmos – man, animal or any concrete object in the universe, or those objects which have form. It is an allegory, and it is stated in allegorical language, this enchanted ring or circle. No such ring exists in nature, but there exists the plane of matter and spirit and consciousness.”

H. P. Blavatsky

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