understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now today, when the Light of the World stands before you, in the Understanding of your “Mighty I AM Presence”, and the calling of Its Power into action; then think what It means to you in These Wonderful Groups, who are issuing These Mighty Decrees with dynamic energy; to go forth in the mental and feeling world of mankind!

The Mighty Majestic Far-reaching Activity of Those Decrees, is beyond the fondest hopes of any human intellect.

Tonight, We bring to your attention from the Great Cosmic Light, These Mighty Truths. If you can accept This Truth and feel Its Reality, then much can be done during This Class. We brought the Messengers here at this time, to save your New York.

One Day, not so far hence, you will know the Truth of My Words, which I have spoken to you tonight. Will not all of you take your stand for the Protection and Blessing of this Cosmic Class, so the Greatest Possible Good may come to New York out of it, and the Greatest Harmony possible?

It is you, Precious Ones, here who need it, not the Messengers; but their Love has been great enough to face the frightful destructive feeling, sent out from those vicious ones in the world who are acting here. The Messengers’ Love has been great enough to give the Assistance.

Beloved Ones, you are Fortunate! Most Fortunate! and one day, you will every one of you tell Me so and repeat back to Me Those Words.

Will you think for just one moment what It means to have become a Part of Myself! Now remember, It is not this physical form here I am speaking of, It is My Own Blazing Form of Light of which “I AM” speaking; and My Own Infinite Intelligence, by which “I AM” flashing These Words to this Good Brother, which he repeats to you.

You have become a Part of That Self – Myself! Do you think you would ever get away from Me? Think of It! You cannot escape now! Some who think they might, will find that is a mistake.

So, Dear Ones, in the Glory of your Privilege, go forth in the Full Power of Joy and the Consciousness of your Ability; to call forth from your Presence This Mighty Freedom and Limitless Activity of Itself.

Ask It, to silence your human forever; to hold it bound and in obedience to the Great Law of Life! Let the Power of your Presence flood your world to alone act in your world, keeping it Free from human qualification of any kind.

If you will do that, Precious Ones, in so short a time, you will begin to feel This Power releasing from the Light within you; which will positively give you all the Courage, Confidence and Freedom in Its Perfection which every Heart in the World craves.”

The Great Divine Director

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