understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“We are talking Heart to Heart here, and I say: 

“As long as the students listen to the unhappy gossip, the criticism and the frightful falsehoods, which these vicious individuals have put forth concerning the Messengers, the students will remain in their limitations. The Messengers will go on doing their Work and themselves be wholly Free; but the student who accepts falsehoods, will remain in limitations.”

Dear Hearts, it is so Self-evident. How can any one fail to grasp it? The Messengers have pled with the students throughout these more than two years. They have said so often, Harmony is the IMPORTANT ACTIVITY within the feeling world of mankind; in order to allow the Power of the Presence to have Its Dominion within the physical mind and body of mankind, to produce Its Perfection there.

Without Harmony, you continue to clothe the Mighty Energy, which, if left in Its Natural Harmonious State, would quickly and readily set you Free! There is only one way to stop clothing it, and that is to hold Harmony in your feeling all the time!

With all the ugly things which have been said to to this good brother and Mrs. Ballard, never an unkind thought or feeling goes out, even to those who do it!

Because you see them powerful, firm and positive, don’t ever make the mistake, of thinking that any feeling goes out but Love and kindness.

They have learned the Law and they are living It, an Eternal Example to mankind, if the people will but see it.”

The Great Divine Director

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