understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“After the Messengers returned from Honolulu last summer, Their Work so far as Their Requirements in This Activity were concerned, was finished.

Saint Germain came to them in His Tangible Body and said:   

“Now you are Free! If you wish to do so, you do not have to go on and battle farther in this”, and they said:

“Our joy is to serve. If we can be of further Service, then we are ready to continue on; until enough of mankind understand their own ‘Mighty I AM Presence’, to hold the Balance for mankind and set the rest of them Free.”

Do you wonder, Beloved Ones of New York, why the Messengers have been so unyielding and firm; in demanding and holding every one firm and close to the Books which Beloved Saint Germain brought forth?

Because the Truth is there Unadulterated – the Ascended Masters’ Words and Understanding – in which there is no human concept! Because Their Words are Power and are Cups of the Qualities which They carry! This Understanding will set mankind Free, as nothing else will do!

It is not, that there are not many wonderful things in the world; but We know This Knowledge is Unadulterated and COMPLETE as given!

It is that which We used! All of the Ascended Masters have used identically the Same Application, even the Same Wording and Expression, which is given to you by Saint Germain!

All of this is given and held Unadulterated and Uninterfered with! It will give you your Freedom from limitations most quickly and your Ascension, if you will so decree It!

The Beauty and Power of It is, that any one who will start now, can in this embodiment have his or her Ascension.  If such Individuals’ Light has not expanded sufficiently for the Accomplishment within this embodiment, they will come back in the Full Understanding of this “I AM Presence”;  because they will be trained in between embodiments in the Knowledge of their “Mighty I AM Presence”!

They will come back in the next embodiment, make the Ascension; and have their Eternal Freedom in that embodiment!

These are Mighty Truths, Dear Hearts, you can believe them or not.

We are not concerned, Precious Ones, as the Messengers have said in their class, who accept or doesn’t. Their part is to offer This Light and Its Application; and the people can take It and apply It to their Freedom, if they will.

We never try to urge – I will not say “We do not try to urge” for We do sometimes; but We never coerce, because mankind must come in, by its own Free Will.

It is your Eternal Freedom, because everything you do thru your “I AM Presence”, becomes an Established Activity of the Power of the Presence in your feeling world.

It becomes the Presence in action, to the degree you have called Its Power forth and It becomes anchored there.”

The Great Divine Director

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