understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“In Eternal Gratitude to Life, speak It before the World!

Life alone pours forth to you Its Eternal, Its Everlasting Perfection! Yet, mankind in the lack of understanding, is constantly re-qualifying It Mighty Currents of Energy, which would of their own volition, produce Beauty and Perfection in the human form.

Those Currents of Energy, if left unchanged, would make it a Perfect Receptacle to the Outpouring of the Presence and glorify the people with Freedom quickly. Those Currents of Energy from the Presence would glorify them with Dominion, not from the human self, but over all substance.

All form in the Universe, in the Octave of Earth, is composed of the One Substance – the Universal Substance of Electronic Light, which of Itself is Wholly Perfect.

Now you understand, Precious Hearts, the need of Self-control in your feeling world – stop all irritation – all destructive feeling, anger, hatred, jealousy or any of those qualities which fill your world with distress. Stop it at once! Feel the Glory of the “Mighty I AM Presence” fill your world and flow forth with Happiness and Perfection!

Only as you do that, can you have evidence of the Perfection which you long to have flow forth like a river into your world! We can only do it, as you give attention to your “Mighty I AM Presence”, thru Whom We must work! Will you not do this?

Will you not feel the Truth of Life – the Law of Life, which stands always ready to give you your Freedom? It is easy and sure – easy of Achievement with the Great Assistance which is being given.

How little you know, how many times in twenty-four hours, you, who have been drawn under This Mighty Radiation of Saint Germain, are given Protection and Assistance. He watches from the Great Octave of Light and when He is busy in other fields of Activity, he always has those who stand on guard to take His place, and watch over His Children – the Students of the Light!

Whenever it is necessary, They are pouring forth Their Enfolding Radiance and Strength to encourage, to bless, to heal, to prosper all; and most of the students have no idea that it is being done.

Won’t you accept this and feel Their Courage and Strength, to give you Help and always know you are enfolded and guarded; so you are never really alone?”

The Great Divine Director

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