understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“We who have Our Freedom, come to plead with mankind, to accept the Freedom which is offered.

Out of the Glory of the Great Cosmic Light, We call Its Mighty Intelligence to descend into the Earth; take command of America, the people and its government; sweep into every activity, into all official places, the Glory of Its Mighty Directing Intelligence; so all may feel and quickly enter into that Great Loving Harmony of God – where all is filled with only the Light of God, the Great Cosmic Light – where all are clothed in Garments of Light.

All who will accept, may live within the Glory of their “Beloved Mighty I AM Presence”, whose Garment of Light not only illumines your pathway, but becomes your Protecting Radiance, Invincible in Its Activity.

Great and Mighty Light! release Thy Commanding Presence into the Earth, so all mankind may quickly enter into the Consciousness of Thy Great Freedom of all!

First quicken the Desire in the Heart which is surging in the Hearts of all mankind today. Then quickly release the Great Knowledge of This “Mighty I AM Presence” in Its Great Current of Energy, which quickens the Light within their Hearts at Its Touch!

Flow, oh “Mighty I AM Presence” into the Heart, the mind and body of all mankind and assert Thyself! Take Thy Command! Go forth in Thy Mighty Conquering Presence and fill the Earth with Thy Mighty Glory!

Such is Our Decree for you, Oh Beloved Ones, and all mankind!

My Love enfolds you always, unto your Freedom and Ascension.”

The Great Divine Director

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