understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Mr Ballard:   The Great Divine Director will speak His Wishes to the students, as He flashes the Words before me in Living Light. Will you feel within yourselves the Mighty Import of These Words?”

“In My Humble Endeavor to serve you, Oh Beloved Students of San Francisco, and those who are visiting here, it is with a Definite Purpose I have come to render a Service for you.

From My Being, there have gone Threads of Light, Streams of Light, if you please, carrying Definite Qualities into your Hearts and your Feeling World; that you may more quickly enter into the Harmony and the Acceptance of your “Mighty I AM Presence”; and thereby gain your Victory, so you do not have to go thru a much longer period for Its Achievement.

A little less Powerful Service is being rendered for you, than there was to the Children – Rex, Bob, Nada, and Pearl and This Good Brother, who came to Me in India. I have come to you here, in the comfort of this auditorium which is provided in your city.

Will you feel and keep before your consciousness, that This Instruction is not an ordinary activity? Even from Our Octave of Light, It is an Extraordinary Activity!

I may not set aside time and space for all of you, as a Group, as was done for those Blessed Children; but a Service occupying a similar position for you, has been rendered.

To the degree you can accept This Help and keep your feeling world harmonized, will you see the Out-picturing of Those Qualities more quickly; not only in producing Perfect Health in your body and more quickly solving the problems before you; but in quickly rising into that State of Consciousness where you no longer consider problems.

In calling your “Beloved Mighty I AM Presence” into action, you not only solve the apparent ones, but It keeps you above all problems. That is your Victory! That is the Achievement for which you have come into many embodiments!

Today, thru the Great Gracious Assistance of Our Beloved Saint Germain, He chose of His own Volition, to try out and prove – that with the Assistance of the Great Cosmic Law, the time had arrived, when great numbers of mankind could understand, appreciate and accept the Reality of their own “Mighty I AM Presence”, which the Chart shows to you definitely!

The Individual, who thinks This Great Knowledge Saint Germain has brought forth, is but imaginary, can of course receive but little benefit; because the repulsion of his or her own feeling of doubt, will repel Our Help; until such a time, as those Individuals can feel the Great Acceptance of This Knowledge, This Truth, the Mightiest which the Earth can ever receive!”

The Great Divine Director

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