understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now remember, Beloved Ones, in all these Dictations that are given to you, We are talking Heart to Heart. We are not talking for the criticism of some college professor. We are talking in simple language, that your Heart may feel this Sincerity, this Loyalty, this Truth.

This is how you receive the greatest Power and Assistance which is possible to be given in the Great Stream of Energy from your “Presence”.

When you sit down around your table at dinner in the evening, do you stop to realize whether you are discussing things you speak of, in collegiate, technical terms or not? Do not think this sounds critical; but in some of the schools We have visited, there was not any real help being taught.

You know We had a very wonderful school. Now, We have a still more wonderful one! Some of the schools in which there is such great dignity and such great assurance that every word must be just so, the blessed students most of the time are being deprived of the freedom which is theirs. They are not gaining the feeling of  what their instruction should convey.

Think! The feeling is the important thing; for unless the feeling is improved by the language, it has become a dead language, so to speak.

This is why I am giving you this explanation tonight; for those who have been unfortunate enough to criticize the Expressions of the Ascended Masters will do very well not to do it again.

We are not concerned about the intellectual opinions of Our Language, but We are putting this Truth forth in Words that carry Our Feeling of your Victory and Freedom into your world. Is that not the most important thing which mankind requires today?

Even in Our Experience in the Retreat in Arabia, We have been given such marvelous use of the Light Rays in Their various Colors and Their Mighty Activities. Already, We have been able to use Them in an amazing manner for the Blessing of mankind and the Earth.

Oh, how We have been able to stop destructive activities by these Rays – We little children! We call Ourselves “little children” yet.”

Beloved Pearl

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