understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Today, O Beloved Ones, is a cherished moment for Me, so recently I have attained the Victory and Freedom from human limitations. It is such a great Joy to convey to you the Feeling We have in this really Great Achievement.

Think of it! Precious Ones, this Eternal Goal is Freedom forever from all the human has gone through in the many, many centuries in which We have all lived. One can scarcely realize where We stood so few years ago when this Good Brother came into Our home. How little did We dream then of what was to follow.

I say to you with all sincerity and earnestness:  Right now, you stand in the same position! How little do you know, as We did then, what is just before you in your Achievement.

Will you not join with Me in accepting the Limitless Power of your “Presence” to do this same thing for you? We did not know, any more than you do today what is before you. If one had told Us, even the day this Good Brother arrived in Our home, all that would take place, We probably would have said it was incredible and impossible.

Our Example stands before you, Beloved Ones, in Its Infinite Power to strengthen, encourage, and allow you to feel this – the same Great Victory – is yours.

Unless you allow your human feelings, through your attention and qualification, to have domination within you longer, then you too will go forth as We did. There is no mistake about it. Everything depends upon the control of your feeling world. You have the Authority; and now, in the Acknowledgment of the “Presence”, you have the Power to achieve your Victory.

In Our home We thought Our training was a private activity; but you are having almost identically the same Instruction, as It is being given to you today, through the intensified Power and Radiance of the Great Ones. We did not know the Goal any more than you do today.

Yet is was accomplished.”

Beloved Nada

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