stanza 3, slokas 10-11

Stanza III
10. Father-Mother spin a web whose upper end is fastened to spirit—the light of the one darkness—and the lower one to its shadowy end, matter; and this web is the universe spun out of the two substances made in one, which is Svâbhâvat.
11. It expands when the breath of fire is upon it; it contracts when the breath of the mother touches it. Then the sons dissociate and scatter, to return into their mother’s bosom at the end of the great day, and re-become one with her; when it is cooling it becomes radiant, and the sons expand and contract through their own selves and hearts; they embrace infinitude.



“Dr. Williams:  In our conception of the universe, and it seems through all the investigations of the ages, this one thing remains true, because it is universal truth – it has no reference whatever to the discrepancies of science, it is a universal truth – and that is this:  the persistence of force, that force is everywhere persistent, though you never get the manifestation.

Mme. Blavatsky:  This proves what we say, because it is absolute, because it is ever present, but they don’t know the force, they don’t know what it is. Can they explain to you what is force? If they want to gainsay what we say, let them explain what is force. Let them explain why their theories are a bundle of contradictions.

Dr. Williams:  I am only speaking self-evident truth.

Mme. Blavatsky:  That is that they will come and speak to you about the persistence of force – which no occultist will deny – but what is that force? They are perfectly unable to tell you.

Before it was all matter, matter reigned supreme. After that, matter had been kicked out – there was a revolution, if you please, among the scientists. They rebelled and they enthroned “Force”, and now they look at force and say, “Who are you?”

Mr. Kingsland:  The occultists will say:  “Force is not persistent on this plane.” Speaking of science, he says that science says, force is persistent on this plane.

Mme. Blavatsky:  It is persistent, certainly, because it is eternal and absolute; and it is given here under various forms and aspects, but it is not the force as it is on the seventh plane, but it certainly is persistent.

But what is that force, I ask you? We say what it is. It is an absolute totality; it is the unknowable” of Herbert Spencer, but then you see science will not admit that there is a force which acts outside the atom, that there is an intelligent force; they will say it is all blind force. That is what they will say – force inherent, a mechanical force.

Dr. Williams:  I cannot conceive of anything blind, or intelligent force, but I must conceive of force acting on matter.

Mr. B. Keightley:  But that is not the point Dr. Williams was after.  Dr Williams is still troubled about the statement in The Secret Doctrine. If Fohat leaves the nuclei, the nebulous masses, to follow their own growth.

Mme. Blavatsky:  This is the fault of your learned brother. I have got the things here, and I answer it.”

H. P. Blavatsky

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