stanza 3, slokas 10-11

Stanza III
10. Father-Mother spin a web whose upper end is fastened to spirit—the light of the one darkness—and the lower one to its shadowy end, matter; and this web is the universe spun out of the two substances made in one, which is Svâbhâvat.
11. It expands when the breath of fire is upon it; it contracts when the breath of the mother touches it. Then the sons dissociate and scatter, to return into their mother’s bosom at the end of the great day, and re-become one with her; when it is cooling it becomes radiant, and the sons expand and contract through their own selves and hearts; they embrace infinitude.


“Mr. Kingsland:  Is that esoteric, or is that public.

Mme. Blavatsky:  Not at all; some of the things may be exoteric.

Mr. Kingsland:  Is it sufficiently exoteric to be proved to the satisfaction of a man of science.

Mme. Blavatsky:  The men of science laugh at it, and won’t accept it. I think I have given it quite enough in The Secret Doctrine.

Mr. Kingsland:  Can it not be demonstrated mathematically?

Mme. Blavatsky:  Mathematically, I think it can. Look at those proofs I have given in my “tugs of science” in The Secret Doctrine. Have you read them all?

Mr. B. Keightley:  You have not given a detailed proof of that, of this particular point; it would be an awfully good thing to do.

Mme. Blavatsky:  Oh, thank you! If I were to give you all the proofs I could give, life would not be sufficient.

Dr. Williams:  I think {you} misunderstood my position; I quite understand why you got mad now.

Mme. Blavatsky:  I thought you laughed at me, saying science would say so and so.

Dr. Williams:  I am not here for that. I don’t care what any astronomer thinks. I know very well they quarrel among themselves.

Mme. Blavatsky:  I quarrel not with you, but with science. It was what was suggested to me by you. You say so coolly, science will say this or that. I say fiddlesticks to science.

Mr. A. Keightley:  You have not answered Dr. Williams’ question at all.

Mme. Blavatsky:  My dear sir, I tell you, you have mixed up the things. I have answered the whole of it. I felt very much excited and mad. Very well now, put the question.”

H. P. Blavatsky

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