understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“To Us, you must understand, there is no time nor space. We go to and fro in the World in Our Ascended Master Bodies – just as tangible, however, as yours. We require no time nor space. By that, I mean We may go from one part of the World to the other in two to three or four minutes, and that is what mankind needs to know today.

They need to know this Freedom is for them!

As you enter more and more into this Great and Mighty Consciousness of your Mighty “Presence”, you will come to understand and feel thoroughly that the same Freedom and Dominion is for you.

It is amazing how mankind continues to believe that things to which it has not been accustomed, are impossible – just because they have not previously had information concerning such things, or their attention has not been called to them.

You will find that you yourselves, ere many years are over your heads, will do exactly what you think today is impossible for you to accomplish. I am calling your attention to this now that you may watch it, if you will.

Again, I say to you: this is no idle imagination. It is a Mighty Power gone into action – your Power, your “Mighty I AM Presence”.

We, who have accomplished the Victory, stand ever ready to encourage, to strengthen, to give you of Our Life to sustain and encourage you unto your Victory, and even your Ascension.

Oh, I plead with you, Beloved Students of the Light who have been in this Light for a year or more: never allow your human self or anyone else to cause you to question for one second your ability to make your Ascension, even in this embodiment.

I tell you again that age as you know it, has nothing whatever to do with it. The Expansion of the Light within you has everything to do with it, and the human self knows nothing about that.

As the Messenger has so often said to you, do not limit yourself as to what the “Presence” can do for you and through you. Do not longer give power to limiting appearances.

You have entered into a Mighty Stream of Light. It is All-powerful; but you still have Free Will. You still have the ability to operate your power of qualification.

If you are not willing to give obedience to Harmony and hold It within your feelings, then you but delay the achievement and must wait that much longer.”

Saint Germain

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