understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Beloved Students of Los Angeles, great is My Privilege this day in voicing to you My Gratitude, My Boundless Gratitude for your sincerity, your loyalty to the Light, to your own “Mighty I AM Presence”, and to My Humble Efforts. A great fruition is taking place, after so many centuries of effort.

Not until this Understanding of the “Mighty I AM Presence” had been brought forth could mankind be sustained, or even that which was temporarily accomplished, be made permanent.

So, I give you these Words today as an eternal – an everlasting – stabilizing, encouraging Power to act within you and your world and produce the Perfection which you, through your Heart, desire.

It is a long, long time since there has been released through the human forms of mankind such a Loyalty and Radiance as has come forth in this Class. I want you to know that for your own encouragement.

When I see the precious, beloved Students willing to even make sacrifices to give assistance for the broadcasts which will reach so many people, then My Heart thrills with Joy and a Gratitude which shall ever enfold you; and the Powers that I understand and wield shall enfold you!

From this Class there begins a Mighty Activity. We have asked permission of the Great Cosmic Light to encompass you today in the beginning of Its Action tomorrow. Thus shall you feel and have today that which will come into Its fullness of action tomorrow.

Never in the history of mankind has there been the willing attention, obedience, and the great sincere interest in the Light that is being shown today.

By the return of the Messengers to you in July, you will feel, or will have felt, many wonderful things.

You are beginning to realize, Beloved Ones, that this is not just another activity brought forth; but It is a permanent, established, Mighty Activity which is expanding within you and will always continue to expand.

Even those who temporarily turn aside, through listening to foolish gossip, will return again and see their great mistake.

So, Dear Ones, stand within your “Presence”, untouched by human gossip or interference, knowing that all is within your grasp in the acceptance of your “Presence” and Its Application.

The practicing of your “Presence” is the greatest thing on Earth.”

Saint Germain

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