understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I charge this activity of the Voice of the “I AM” with the Mighty Perfection of the “Mighty I AM Presence”, the Ascended Host of Masters, the Legion of Light, and the Cosmic Beings – that this remain in a mighty harmonious activity, that no human creation has any power to qualify it with anything but Harmony and Perfection, that the feeling of its activity and blessing to mankind may ever expand, until all mankind know the Voice of the “I AM”!

Your Beloved Master Jesus decreed that this Magazine go forth. Your Beloved Brother Mr. Sindelar accepted the responsibility and the charge. Then you, as Students of Light, it is for you to pour forth such a blessing that only harmony reigns within the midst of his activity in the tremendous world which is required.

Will you not join with Me in this always, and see that no quality of criticism ever goes forth against him or against Mrs. Ballard, who works so ceaselessly and earnestly so this material may go forth in a beautiful, marvelous manner for your blessing and that of mankind?

Remember, Beloved Ones, these blessed ones work night and day so these things may go forth on time. Yet there are those so unfortunate as to criticize them if a few days have passed beyond the time expected.

Remember, Beloved Children, My Children, you are Guardians of this Light! You are Guardians of the Voice of the “I AM” as It goes forth to bless all mankind.

Then if you allow discord or criticism to pass your lips, you have joined the sinister activity to longer withhold the Glory which the Great Radiance poured forth through the Voice of the “I AM” brings.

Beloved Ones, My Gratitude is boundless for those who have been willing to send forth the Books without limit everywhere.

Remember, Loved Ones, every Magazine has a definite, powerful Activity in It to bless mankind. It is sent forth with that purpose, with that intent. Each one has a glorious Activity within Itself.

So, Beloved Ones, spread this everywhere; and when one would feel impatient, silence it by reminding them of the nights and days these blessed ones serving work, that these things may be accomplished.”

The Old Man Of The Hills

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