understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Tonight in the great calm atmosphere by which you are surrounded, in the great stillness and quiet which all need so much, you who have had difficulty in stilling your outer self will find much less difficulty in the future from tonight, with this Contact.

May I remind you just why these many Dictations have come forth in such rapid succession? To charge you and your world! For while you are listening to the various Ones, a great Consuming Activity is going on.

How and why? Because you have made the Call for the Violet Consuming Flame to dissolve and consume all discord and undesirable things from your world. So now in this Call can the Assistance be given.

It is a joyous thing to see what is taking place as the various Ones have dictated to you, each One supplying a certain Quality that you need. Think of it, that you may feel – I know most of you do – that all may feel the deepest gratitude possible.

Dear Ones, think what it means for all these Great Beings to take the time from Their Great Cosmic Activities to come forth and give you the Assistance which They do in these activities.

Think of it! Think what it means to you! As you feel the greater and greater gratitude, praise, and thanks, you will feel how much easier it is for you to make your Application; to feel the courage and confidence you require; to give more dynamic feeling, and therefore produce more rapid results.

You cannot fail ever in your Application! We, from the Ascended State, are also decreeing this for you.

Look! As you are decreeing for yourselves and for mankind, then do you not see, Precious Ones, that you have opened your Door for Us to not only pour forth through the Light Rays the Radiance to you, but you have made the way definite for us to give you the Assistance which your Hearts so greatly crave?

Now because We do not immediately pick you up and set you into Eternal Freedom and Opulence, do not think that the work is not going on just the same. If We did that, you would cease making conscious effort, would you not? Until the human is fully dissolved, it will assert itself if the human form is given nothing to do.

That is why the Messengers and We are calling forth action into your Life and world, because you must be active in something, Dear Hearts. Your mind must be occupied in some constructive activity if you want to have the greatest results.”

The Old Man Of The Hills

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