understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Precious Ones, think! There are but three things in the world which really deprive mankind of a flood of every good thing; and they are criticism, condemnation, and judgement. That is the origin of almost all the distress of mankind. How easily it could all be stopped and dissolved!

The marvel of it is that you may call on the Law of Forgiveness and set the Law into Action to dissolve all mistakes. Do you not see how the full Scepter of Power is in your hands for your Freedom?

Today We offer Our Gift of Love to you and to these blessed ones {Mr. and Mrs. Lucas}. May your “Mighty I AM Presence” fill you and your world with limitless happiness, joy, such release of all the money and of every good thing you require. May it give you limitless Assistance in this Service which you are rendering, and to all who are assisting.

May the Glory of Its limitless Supply be released to everyone. May a limitless supply of money be released to carry on this Wonderful Work – the School of the “I AM”.

If you will make the Call earnestly and sincerely, then We will endeavor to help you bring the Release of all the money required to carry on as the expansion is needed – to bring about beautiful and perfect places which will be a blessing and a credit to all, to bring limitless blessings for everyone who wishes to help and bless in this work.


Remember, you cannot be limited in your Service of the Light, for money or anything else.

As you make the Call for it, so will the “Presence” open the way and fulfill It without limit. Try to feel this with wonderful, definite power, and then the Answer will come to you.”


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