understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“This is why, Beloved Children, I want you to know that you too can produce the same wonderful activity in your Life which We have.

Before five years are over your heads you can have your Life so filled with harmony and happiness that everyone who touches you will love you. Everywhere you move, all will love to serve you; and even the grown-ups can do that, if they will!

As you call your Mighty “Presence” into action, people will love to serve; for that is where Divinity enters into the activity of the Earth.

Think! within the natural life-span of these precious children here there will come such Perfection into this World as you can scarcely conceive, even today.

Remember, Precious Ones, the Great Cosmic Law makes no mistakes! When this Beloved Messenger saw upon the Great Cosmic Screen seventy years of the future of America, those Great Ascended Masters make no mistakes.

In this Great Call to the “Mighty I AM Presence” and the Great Host of Ascended Masters to take command of America and the World, do not be dismayed when human, discordant appearances continue to find expression for a time.

Do not be dismayed; but go on and on and on, calling your “Mighty I AM Presence” into Action to take command of America, Its people, and Its activities, to produce Perfection and hold Its Dominion forever.

Thus, as We go forth in the mental and feeling world of mankind everywhere, soon thousands and thousands will take up that Mighty Decree and compel Perfection to be the Directing Intelligence of our government – your government – and bless the earth with It!

Please remember, when the Mighty Arcturus said:  “If it be necessary for the Protection of mankind, that Light as of a Thousand Suns will descend into Earth, dissolve and consume all human discord and selfishness from the Planet”,  He knew whereof He spoke.

Mankind must be preserved until the Power of the Incoming Golden Age can find Its full Dominion; for the Earth must become the Light which the Great Cosmic Law has decreed. It must expand the Light and send It forth!

It is no longer a matter of human requirements or activity; but the Great Cosmic Light has said, “The Earth must blaze forth more Light!” – and so it shall be!

All those who will cooperate with that Great Law will find such Expansion of their Light that no longer will they be aware of any discordant thing. They will move in the world untouched by human discord.

As they pour forth the Great Radiance of Love from their “Mighty I AM Presence”, It becomes so powerful that nothing else can come in. They then move in the world untouched by discord, pouring forth their Light and Love everywhere, until all are Free.”


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