understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Notice, Precious Ones – you know how mankind does overlook things. The Great Divine Director, Jesus, and Saint Germain have asked the Students to live according to the Group regulations. Yet again, again, and again, they come back and say, “Well, I wonder if I could not do this?”  Notice the Obedience of this Good Messenger. He never questions. When They ask him to do a certain thing, he forgets everything else and does the thing They require.

If the beloved Students would just do that joyously and willingly, they would see such manifestations; but as long as they want to intrude their own ideas, they are not obedient. They do not always know this – and it is not criticism, but We must explain it in the endeavor to correct the feeling which is acting within some individuals.

Now, Saint Germain’s Work explains Itself absolutely! Yet individuals feel that they can add to It and give a clearer explanation. It is a funny thing, is it not? They are perfectly sincere; but it is the habit of the human to feel that it understands a little better than the other fellow and give a little clearer explanation. You see?

Well, sometimes it does seem to be so; but after all, Dear Hearts, you cannot live the Life of the other individual. Make them do some work! You know the human always wants to lie down on the job and “let George do it”; but you will find, Precious Ones, you cannot do that. When you come to a certain point, you must buckle on your armor and get busy in your application. Then you will quickly be free.”



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