understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now, Dear Ones, mankind has always sought some Manifestation to prove the Existence, the Authority, if you please, of the Great Cosmic Beings, the Ascended Masters, the Great Legion of Light, and all those Great Beings who have ministered so long to the Earth.

Well, there are constant Manifestations, but people do not accept Them. They do not accept the Reality of Them – but instead, use every excuse to keep from acknowledging this Mighty Law of Life, and when something occurs, say it just happened.

Now for instance, when the Messengers were in Dallas, a Great Manifestation of Light occurred and dozens of people saw It; but the most of them said, “Well, I think that must have occurred from something outside.”

You see, humanity is held in its own ignorance because of the great doubts and fears which have accumulated in the mental and feeling world of mankind. Until humanity will take the determined stand to acknowledge this Light of the “Mighty I AM Presence”, it will continue in the bondage of its own doubts and fears.

You had better make a mistake a few times in accepting a thing as an Inner Activity and find it was of the outer activity, than once fail to acknowledge and receive an Inner Manifestation of the Real!

I do not mean you must be gullible, not at all; but unless you get into the habit of accepting these Great Cosmic Manifestations and these Great Inner Powers, how in the world will you have the manifestation of Them?

Your attention is the powerhouse in accepting these things. Your Power of Qualification is acting all the time; and if you do not begin to accept these Greater Activities, how can you have Them manifest in your Life?

The power of acceptance is a tremendous thing, as well as is your attention; but if you will give your attention earnestly to your “Presence”, you will receive individually all the Manifestation you require – peacefully, gently, and in small ways. Then surely will come forth the great Manifestations which will clear forever all doubt from your being.

So, Dear Ones, I want you today to feel that you are no longer bound in any way. Do not fail ever, Dear Ones, before you retire at night – please, I plead with you – call on the Law of Forgiveness for any mistakes you have ever made; whether you know of them or not makes no difference. Then say:

“‘Mighty I AM Presence’, charge my world with Your Wondrous Perfection. While this body sleeps, through my Higher Mental Body pour forth such Mighty Rays and Radiance of Light into my world, that every human creation and discordant thing there is dissolved forever!”

Precious Ones, you do not yet have but a fragmentary realization of what you could do.

You are really God Beings and, once you really feel that, can experience your full Freedom.”



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