understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“As you go forth in this Understanding, you will find as the energy continues to flood forth through you, that It gains what We term “momentum”. I mean, through the continuous use of a thing, you gain power by it. That is what We mean by momentum.

Often you will find where there is a requirement, that your “Presence” will suddenly charge Its Currents of Energy through to bless you – even sometimes before you ask.

This is what We want you to feel, Dear Ones:  that after you have called the “Presence” into action for a while, It begins to act ofttimes even before you call. Then you will find that your “Presence”, through the Higher Mental Body, is always standing on guard through you and for you.

Do not forget that in your homes you can render such a beautiful Service to your brothers, sisters, friends, father, and mother.

Every night will you do this for Me? Before you go to sleep, will you take a copy of the Chart, either in the Books, Magazine, or some copy of the Chart, and speaking to your “Mighty I AM Presence”, simply say: 

“‘Mighty I AM Presence’, now you hold my body, while it sleeps, in Your Wondrous Embrace of Light. When I awaken in the morning, you take charge of my mind and body! Cause me to do the Perfect Thing always which I should do to produce the greatest happiness for myself and those about me, and to produce the greatest success in all I desire to do.”

saint germain God presence chart

Remember, you are the one who must call the “Presence” into action to govern your world. Do you know that your world is just that which extends around you for, say, the distance across this room – this part of the room here from the door forward – about twenty feet in a circle; that would be the world of the average individual.

Now notice this closely! If this were a complete circle, it would be what the average person’s world consists of. Does that seem a small world? Well you would be surprised how much is contained within that world!

Then your part, your objective, or that which you require, is to call your “Presence” into action to not only control your mind and body, but this world which extends around you. It means to a large extent your feeling world and that which you have created.”


Lady Master Nada

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