understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Beloved Children of the Light, of the “Mighty I AM Presence”, My Joy is boundless tonight in pouring forth to you from My Heart, My Love, Courage, Strength, and Activity, which shall always continue to act within your feeling world.

You perhaps understand that besides this physical body which you have, you have what is termed an emotional body, outside of your physical body and penetrating it. Your feeling body is your Powerhouse, or the means by which you are supplied with energy which acts through your physical body.

Now then, as you understand this and your “Mighty I AM Presence”, you will find you can call your “Presence” forth to charge your minds and bodies with all the energy and strength that you require; you can call forth all the courage you need.

Call the “Presence” to give you confidence in yourself to apply the Law of your “Presence” , which is your Life.


As you continue to call your “Presence” into action, you will find each day you gain a greater confidence – not only that your “Presence” is there and does answer you, but you have a feeling of greater calmness and peace within yourself through calling your “Presence” into action.”


Lady Master Nada

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