understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“This time in the Class, oh, Precious Ones, so much has been accomplished. I rejoice with all My Heart and I congratulate you. You will find that you will all go forth in such great calm Confidence and Victory from tonight, as you have not thought possible to be attained in your outer activity. We have offered to hold you hands until the Victory.

May We not do it? May We not hold your hands until you are free, wholly free from all limitations, feeling clearly, powerfully, definitely your Victory? We shall be so happy to do it – always through the Radiation of your Wondrous “Presence”.

Do you not understand that We, as Ascended Beings, are One with the “Mighty I AM Presence” of you who are not yet Ascended, and that is how We must know all about you in order to give you the Assistance which is necessary.

It is so very wonderful; you must get My Feeling!  With such Rejoicing, I see how you have become able to still yourselves. In this Class such a Radiance has poured forth, although you are not yet aware of it but in a small way.

Do you think, Precious Ones, that the Divine Director would have come here in your midst, pouring forth these Great Currents of Energy into your minds and bodies, if He had not seen that you were able to still yourselves enough to have the full Benefit of it?

His Great Wisdom would not do that unless it was time, was right, was permanent. So I congratulate you of San Francisco and those visiting here, that you called your “Mighty I AM Presence” into action which made the way open and clear for you to be here. That in itself is a great Victory.

I wish you might see in the atmosphere of mankind how many blessed ones have momentarily had good intent, but been sidetracked from the Radiation by some vicious suggestion. If you saw the number who had been turned aside from this Class by the vicious suggestion from others, in which there was no Truth, you would be surprised.

If that had not been the case, this lovely, blessed place could not nearly have held them. The tragedy is theirs. You who have had the strength to come in spite of all opposition, have the Victory.”


Saint Germain

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