stanza 2, slokas 1-2

1. . . . Where were the builders, the luminous sons of Manvantaric dawn? . . . In the unknown darkness in their Ah-hi Paranishpanna. The producers of form from no-form—the root of the world—the Devamatri and Svâbhâvat, rested in the bliss of non-being.
2. . . . Where was silence? Where the ears to sense it? No, there was neither silence nor sound; naught save ceaseless eternal breath, which knows itself not.


“Mr. A. Keightley:  “Builders – our Planetary System.” By our Planetary System, do you mean the solar system, or the chain to which our Earth belongs?

Mme. Blavatsky:  The Builders are those who build or fashion things (Continues reading from her notebook.) By Planetary System, I mean the solar system. I suppose it is called the solar system. I would not refer thus {to} that {as} the Planetary Chain. I would call the latter simply a chain and if I say Planetary System, it is the solar system; if I say Planetary Chain, it is the Chain of Worlds. I do not know whether I am right in so using it. This is our planet, the root, the lowest one, but the others are not, because they are not seen. They are spheres, globes; they are not on our plane.

Mr. B. Keightley:  It is the old mistake about Mars and Mercury.

Mme. Blavatsky:  My dear sir, I have shown it in The Secret Doctrine. If Mars and Mercury belonged to our chain, we would not see them, we would not know anything about them. How could we see that which is not on our plane? It is perfectly impossible.

Now, then comes a thing which pertains more to physics and chemistry and all that than anything else, but still you can, I suppose, learn something from that.”


H. P. Blavatsky

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