understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I say to you all, all of you Precious Ones here:  Please do not accept that you cannot receive clear Directing Intelligence from your “Presence”. I have a great reason for saying this to you. There have been quite a number of Students who yet do not feel that they can call their “Presence” into action and receive the Direction clear enough to be sure.

Now, Precious Ones, that is only because knowingly or unknowingly there has been some anxiety within you which has been disturbing the vibratory action of your being, or your nervous system.

Therefore, if you will be still and say to your “Presence”: “‘Mighty I AM Presence!’ You help me to be still, so that Your Directing, Intelligent Energy can get through; make me understand – through my feeling or in some manner – make me feel clearly what I should do.”

As you do this, you will find in some manner directly what is the thing to do; but watch out! Be sure you do not, in the feeling, first begin to doubt you are going to have the Directing Intelligence from your “I AM Presence”. If you do, you start the vibratory action which is discouraging, through your feelings, before you actually know it in the intellect. That feeling of yours is rather an unruly fellow, but you can govern it – the “Presence” will!”


Saint Germain

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