understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I hold you within My Heart of Light, that you may rest there in peace; so the fullness of all that Life holds for you may flow and never cease, until Its great Abundance has charged your world with Light, has lifted you into the Garden of Love – into your Palace.

Your Perfect Sight lifts and holds you there in the Light and Beauty of Life. It holds you Free and lifts you forever above all outer strife.

Call with all your Heart! Be My Friends forever in the Light, and I will call and lift you through the Power of God’s own Light! Then we will move together in the Presence of all that is – all Perfection; all Life; Its Beauty and Peace in the Eternity of Light.

I thank you and bless you for being willing to enter My Garden, that I may enter yours; and we shall, arm in arm, hand in hand, move forth together to your Victory in the Light.

My Love and Blessings and those of the Great Host of Ascended Masters, the Legion of Light, and the Great Cosmic Beings enfold you forever; and give you Rest and Peace in the action of God’s, the “Mighty I AM’s”, Great Silence – until all desires and cravings for Perfection are fulfilled in your Life.

I thank you.”


Mighty Victory

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